24 hours | 130+ people | 4 themes | 15 ideas

Artwork by Olalekan Jeyifous

Artwork by Olalekan Jeyifous

A Creative Workshop to Build a Miami Where All People Can Thrive

Our city is in an exciting moment of growth and evolution. The conversation about Miami’s future has never been more active, but we’re not yet having it together, as one community. Many groups are locked in silos or feel left out of the wave of innovation and creative energy surging through the city. To build a vibrant and successful place, we need the perspective and participation of all people who live here—the rich and the not-rich, the young and the not-young, the urban and the rural; Miamians of every race, creed, background and experience.


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How can we work together to ensure that all of our neighbors have a hand in shaping our collective future? To find out we held a 1.5 day creative workshop on Aug 1-2 at The LAB Miami.

On the evening of Friday, Aug 1, we hosted an opening kick-off reception in which we will lay the groundwork for the workshop the following day. Miamians of many backgrounds—from taxi drivers to youth—will creatively present stories to illustrate their lived experiences surviving in Miami's current economic and social landscape. These stories will be the basis for a deeper dive into our problem solving the next day. On Saturday, Aug 2 we built on those stories in a day of discussion and creativity as we work in small groups across disciplines—design, law, art, activism, technology, social enterprise—to generate concrete ideas responding to specific challenges facing diverse communities in Miami in order to make Miami’s future more inclusive.

People from every place, expertise and experience attended (writ: design thinkers, social entrepreneurs, artists, technologists, lawyers, community members excited to ideate!).

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